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Different Models of Stairlifts Available

There are many models of stairlifts available today, and we can install the one that best suits your home and your needs. We want to take the time during the consultation process to find a solution that works for you today, and in the future. Below are some options to consider. Don’t worry if there’s anything you don’t understand, we are happy to answer your questions and help choose the right stairlift for you.


Stairlift Mechanism

  • Rack & Pinion powered models offer a smoothride – these are what most modern stairlifts are powered by.

Power Source

  • Battery-operated lifts plug-in to recharge at the top or bottom, require no additional wiring, and operate even during a power outage.

Curved or Straight Line

  • Straight line stairlifts are in-stock and available to install immediately, may be dismantled and moved to another location.
  • Curved stairlifts are custom-fit to any stairwell.

Chair Swivel & Lock at Top

  • At the top of the stairs, the seat swivels away from the stairs and locks into place for convenient dismounting.

Controls and Call Buttons

  • Wireless remote control can be used to assist others using the lift, or to send loads like laundry up the stairs.
  • Stairlift controls are mounted on the right-hand armrest. The controls may be easily moved to the left-hand armrest.
  • Call Buttons may be wall-mounted at top and bottom or used as separate remote controls

Safety Features

  • Chair movement is controlled by constant-pressure rocker switches.
  • Safety sensors detect objects in the path and safely stop the chair until the object is removed.
  • Seatbelts hold occupant securely.
  • An optional keyed lock can secure the stairlift.

Weight Capacity

  • Depending on the model, capacity ranges from 300 to 400lbs.

Fold Up Depth

  • Most stairlifts fold up to 13″ to 17″ depth from the wall. Some slimmer models fold up to a mere 11″.

Extension Length at Top Landing

  • Rail may extend beyond the top step 0″ to 14″, depending on the design of the model.

Upholstery and Rail Colours

  • Seat upholstery may be available in a neutral beige or grey, or available designer colours.

Location / Useage

  • Some stairlifts may be installed outdoors or in commercial applications.


  • Chair heights and arm widths are adjustable.
  • Controls for the chair may be on the left-hand armrest or the right-hand armrest.
  • We often work with an occupational therapist to find the best solution for each individual’s requirements.

Durability & Service Needs

  • We have been installing and maintaining stairlifts for years. Experience has shown us which models are the most reliable and require minimal service.

Product Lines

  • We are authorized dealers for the following stairlift manufacturers. Additional information may be found on their web sites.



Key Features & Benefits

  • Added Comfort – We add a slight backwards pitch to the chair. It gives you extra comfort and adds to your safety.
  • Easy In, Easy Out – The footrest raises and lowers at the push of a button, making it easier for you to get in and out of the stairlift chair.
  • Extra Safety – The hand control will not move the stairlift unless there is at least 40lbs of pressure on the seat. In other words, it won’t budge an inch unless you’re properly seated. (You can still move the unloaded stairlift using the remote control.)
  • Plenty of Options – From fabrics to colors. What would look best in your home?

Customize the Stairlift to Your Tastes


Custom Solutions

Western Elevator Ltd. was excited and proud to help the Penner family of Langley, B.C. with a custom stairlift solution. Rob Gordon of Western Elevator worked closely with Penner family to design and install a custom black Stannah Curved Stairlift.

Please read the story below from the Langley Advance Newspaper.


Lift brings new freedoms to Langley boy’s life

The 11th annual Langley cruise on June 4 will help those living with muscular dystrophy.

New freedoms have opened up for 14-year-old Doug Penner, following the installation of a stairlift in the Langley boy’s home earlier this month.

Last year, the 10th annual Ride for Doug raised $12,000 towards a lift system, but it took almost a year and much more money to make it a reality, said Doug’s father Cam Penner.

“Doug is happily moving up and down on his own. It’s a whole set of freedoms that have been unlocked for him again,” Dad added. “He calls it the People Mover in honour of Disney World’s slowest ride.”

Doug is a Grade 9 student at Langley Christian School, who was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) at the age of two.

According to Muscular Dystrophy Canada, DMD is an inherited disorder. The muscles become weaker as the patient gets older.

Eleven years ago now, his father started a fundraising run, called Ride For Doug, in honour of his son and to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy Canada (MDC).

Through the first decade of this Langley-based motorcycle cruise, supporters have helped raise in excess of $150,000 for the cause.

At last year’s ride, organizers threw in an alternate option of giving to help fund Doug’s lift. They came through, and with the $12,000 raised at the ride, a grant from MDC, and some serious saving, the family was finally able to order the customized lift, which has become so imperative to Doug.

His dad elaborated.

Last year, the week before Ride For Doug, they received word that the medical study Doug was being cancelled. That summer saw his last IV infusion of a drug that his family is convinced was making a difference.

And consequently, this last year Doug has lost the strength to climb the stairs on his own.

While his family continues to battle for drugs to help Doug, the lift has been life changing.

Thanks to Ride For Doug supporters and a grant from Muscular Dystrophy Canada Doug is now able to go up and down the stairs in his own home. Thank you!” Cam said.

In addition to the fundraising aspect of this annual ride, Doug’s dad said Ride For Doug has made a massive difference in letting his family know that they are not on this journey on their own.

Now, their family has a lot on the go this year, including the graduation of Doug’s older sister Sam.

“The ride will happen – Doug would kill me if it didn’t,” Cam insisted, but noted some of his normal preparations have fallen by the wayside, including seeking sponsorships.

To find out more about this year’s ride, how to register for the ride and or the subsequent barbecue, or even how to simply donate to the cause, people can visit

The ride leaves the South Langley Church, 20098 22nd Ave., at 1 p.m. on Sunday, June 4. Close to 100 riders are expected to take part.

As well, organizers of the fourth annual Ride for Doug on Vancouver Island are already gearing up for that event.

That event is set for September, and information will be available on the website.

From the Langley Advanced: Click here for the original article.

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