Bruno Custom Indoor Curved-Rail Stairlift

With a Bruno indoor curved-rail stairlift you can remain in your cherished home as they let you once again move easily upstairs and downstairs with a touch of a button. The stairlift uses two 12-volt batteries that are continuously charged by a state-of-the-art battery charger that plugs into any household outlet. Bruno’s leading edge technology assures you access up and down the stairway even if the electrical service in your home

Inside Turns That Fit Where Most Others Can’t

Bruno Inside Turns are perfect for the typical bi-level house while providing easy passage through doors and room entrances. Bruno’s tight turn and narrow rail will keep the majority of your staircase free of obstructions. The Wrap-around Park Positions save you room on your staircase and allow you to easily enter and exit the stairlift away from the stairs. Whether it’s a 90-degree, 180-degree, double 90-degree, a large radius 90-degree, or large radius 180-degree turn, a Bruno curved-rail stairlift can work in them all.



Exceptional Value

  • Locking swivel seat, at the top and bottom of the stairway.
  • Two remote, wireless call send controls.
  • Generous seat size (20″ between the arms) for a comfortable ride.
  • Footplate safety sensor and retractable seat belt.
  • Charging station indicator lights at the top and bottom of the stairway.
  • On board diagnostics make service easier and more precise.
  • Meets all ANSI – A18.1 residential and commercial requirements.


  • Adjustable seat height (23″ – 26″ measured at the lower landing) for easier entry/exit at the top and bottom of the stairway.
  • Seat is contoured to provide optimum comfort.
  • Custom seat and seat coverings available.
  • Seat coverings meet CA flammability regulation 117-75 Sec. E.

Battery-Powered Technology

    Ensures access, even during power outages.

  • Powered by two 12-volt batteries, continuously charged by a state-of-the-art 3 Amp battery charger that plugs into any 110-volt household outlet.
  • Requires no special wiring.

Smooth, Powerful Drive System

  • Self-locking worm gear, rack and pinion drive.
  • Maximum rider weight of 350 lbs.
  • Soft start, solid-state controller makes it possible to adjust the speed to the comfort of the user.

Convenient Installation

  • Rail installs to within 7″ of the wall.
  • Installations can be done on either the inside or outside of most staircases

Product Brochure
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Indoor Custom Curved Rail Stairlift CRE-2110

Custom Solutions

Custom Stairlift solution for Gavin

Mr. Gavin B. approached Western Elevator Ltd. in 2009 with a challenging request.

Could Western Elevator provide a stairlift solution for a man with no arms. This had never been done before, so we contacted our stairlift supplier Bruno Independent Living Aids with the request. Most manufacturers would have said, sorry, no, our product cannot be changed.

Bruno was different. They had an engineer call us back to tackle this challenge. It took six months, BUT they made several major changes to the stairlift design.

The controls for a stairlift are usually a rocker switch on one of the armrests. Bruno suggested that we put the controls on a new special padded control on the back rest cushion at shoulder height. Gavin would simply lean back and press the control with his shoulder. Bruno then put in a power swivel so that the chair would automatically swivel at the top.

Gavin was pleasantly surprised and very happy with the solution. Gavin has been using his new stairlift without a problem and has complete access to his entire house again.

A big thanks to Bruno and Western Elevator from Gavin.




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