Commercial Wheelchair Elevators

Commercial wheelchair elevators may be installed into new buildings, or retrofitted into existing buildings. They are a space-efficient and convenient solution to making different levels accessible.

All of the commercial wheelchair elevators Western supplies meet or exceed The Canadian Standard, CAN/CSA-B335-09 Elevating Devices for the disabled in public buildings.

The Right Elevator for You – Your Options

We install different models of commercial wheelchair elevators, and we want to install only the one that best suits your needs. We will take the time during the consultation process to find a solution that works for you today, and in the future. Below are some options to consider. Don’t worry if there’s anything you don’t understand, we are happy to answer your questions and help choose the right residential elevator for you.

Models Available


Prolift SCL

Suitable for use in places of worship, schools and other public buildings. A smooth, quiet and efficient operation lift that can be installed in an existing or new structure.


Prolift HD

Suitable for use in places of worship, schools and other public buildings. The Prolift HD has the same features as the Prolift SCL but offers a higher capacity of up to 1400 lbs.

V-1504 Commercial

V-1504 Comercial Elevator

Ideal for basic commercial applications and home use. This lift can be used indoors and outdoors to travel a standard 48” with 2 stops or optionally more distance and stops.

V-1504 PE Commercial

V-1504 PE Commercial Elevator

This enclosed model uses aluminum and acrylic inserts and top dome with corrosion – resistant steel components, making it ideal for outdoor applications.


Wheelchair elevators are 1:2 cable or chain hydraulic.

Lift Mechanism

  • Wheelchair Elevators may have a separate machine room for a submerged motor-pump and controller or have no machine room with all of the equipment located inside the hoistway.

Call Buttons & Controls

  • Call buttons may be flush mounted remote on wall, or flush mounted into the entrance frame.
  • Inside the elevator, controls may include a digital position indicator.

Safety Features

  • Key operation is available on hall stations and car controls to prevent unauthorized usage of the elevator.
  • Safety features are standard in all the elevators we install – door interlocks, cable safety devices, emergency lowering, alarm, phone, etc.

Weight Capacity

  • Weight capacity depends on the model and manufacturer – wheelchair elevators are rated for 750lbs up to 1400lbs.


  • Sizes of wheelchair elevators vary from 36″ x 48″ to 48″ x 60″.
  • For ease of installation and service, all panels are assembled within the hoistway.

Standard Finishes

  • Melamine wall panels or sheet steel
  • Stainless steel or painted handrail
  • Automatic time-out lighting provided
  • The floor of the cab is available with a rubberized floor for commercial uses.

Disability & Service Needs

  • We have been installing and maintaining elevators for years. Experience has shown us which models are the most reliable and require minimal service.

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