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Residential elevators and commercial wheelchair elevators may be installed into new buildings, or retrofitted into existing buildings. Elevators are a space-efficient and convenient solution to making different levels accessible.

Available in a choice of decorator finishes, elevators blend in seamlessly with the decor, and even add to the resale value of homes.

Most importantly, residential elevators allow people to stay in and fully enjoy the home they love.

Western Elevator elevators meet or exceed The Canadian Standard, CAN/CSA-B613-M87 Elevating Devices for the Handicapped in Private Residences.

The Right Elevator for You – Your Options

We install different models of residential elevators and commercial handicap elevators, and we want to install only the one that best suits your needs. We will take the time during the consultation process to find a solution that works for you today, and in the future. Below are some options to consider. Don’t worry if there’s anything you don’t understand, we are happy to answer your questions and help choose the right residential elevator for you.


Lift Mechanism

  • Residential elevators may operate from a separate machine room, or use a submerged motor-pump and controller located inside the hoistway.

Call Buttons & Controls

  • Call Buttons may be mounted on wall, or flush mounted into the wall.
  • Inside the elevator, controls may include a digital position indicator.

Safety Features

  • Key operation is available on hall stations and car controls to prevent unauthorized usage of the elevator.
  • Safety features are standard in all the elevators we install – door interlocks, cable safety devices, emergency lowering, alarm, phone, etc.

Weight Capacity

  • Weight capacity depends on the model and manufacturer – some elevators are rated for 500lbs, 750lbs, or up to 1000lbs.


  • Sizes of elevators vary, some small models fit the space the size of a closet. And some self-contained home elevators require no pit, machine room or hoistway.
  • The cab (interior of the elevator) is offered in some standard sizes, but can be customized to just about any size. For ease of installation and service, all panels are assembled within the hoistway.

Location / Useage

  • Residential and commercial elevators are available. Our residential models meet or exceed The Canadian Standard for Residential Use, and our commercial models meet or exceed the Commercial Use codes.


  • Unfinished wood veneer wall panels, or raised wood wall panels
  • Handrails to match wall panels: melamine, wood, stainless steel, or brass
  • Add a recessed cabinet to attractively conceal a telephone
  • Accordion gate in custom colours, or clear vision panels
  • Lighting options include upgrading the standard car lighting to recessed lights or a set of quad lights.
  • For hands-free convenience, an auto gate operator may slide the gate out of the way. The gate auto reverses when an obstruction is encountered.
  • The floor of the cab is available with a rubberized floor for commercial uses. In residences, the floor is unfinished and can be carpeted, tiled or covered with hardwood to blend with the home.

Disability & Service Needs

  • We have been installing and maintaining elevators for years. Experience has shown us which models are the most reliable and require minimal service.

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