Residential Architects & Builders

Residential elevators may be installed into new buildings, or retrofitted into existing buildings. Elevators are a space-efficient and convenient solution to making different levels accessible.

Available in a choice of decorator finishes, elevators blend in seamlessly with the decor, and even add to the resale value of homes.

Most importantly, residential elevators allow people to stay in and fully enjoy the home they love.

Western Elevator elevators meet or exceed The Canadian Standard, CAN/CSA-B613-M87 Elevating Devices for the Handicapped in Private Residences.

The Right Elevator for You – Your Options

We install different models of residential elevators and commercial handicap elevators, and we want to install only the one that best suits your needs. We will take the time during the consultation process to find a solution that works for you today, and in the future. Below are some options to consider. Don’t worry if there’s anything you don’t understand, we are happy to answer your questions and help choose the right residential elevator for you.

ECLIPSEStandard Machine Room Less Elevator

The Standard Machine Room Less Elevator delivers exceptional performance while utilizing minimal space.

ELMIRAStandard Residential Elevator

Elmira Elevator
The Standard Residential Elevator fits in virtually any new or existing home.

HERITAGELuxury Residential Elevator

Heritage Luxury Residential Elevator
The Luxury Residential Elevator’s unique door system features an automatic sliding cab door that travels with the elevator.

CAMBRIANLuxury Plus Residential Elevator

Cambrian Luxury Plus Residential Elevator
The Luxury Plus Residential Elevator is designed to reflect your discerning taste and lifestyle. The best residential elevator made anywhere in North America.

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